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22 October 2005


i can't recall being SICK in years, i'm guessing maybe sometime in highschool. i'm not counting alcohol poisoning or anything, really crappy feeling sick. i've had a nagging cough for about the past month. usually i do get a cough for about a week a year but that isn't "sick". but on tuesday i woke up with a fever of about 102°, clammy, headache, coughing was worse. wrecked. so i stayed out from work wednesday, fever broke wednesday, went to the doctor, got some pills, fever came back again thursday night, so i took off thursday. i'm finally at work where i had to go through my 124 e-mails, all bitching about something. i should've just come to work to make life easier on myself. sucks. yesterday, adam and carlos went home sick and they are out today. some of TheGeneral labor crew are sick and most of the other TAs are hacking up lungs. we are dying. TheGeneral health people had a conference call and asked what the doctor's diagnosis was... here i have to backtrack. Our driver drove me all over rajahmundry feeling like ass to find a doctor. Most doctors weren’t in until 11:00AM and it was 10:30AM. Hospitals here are rather specialized. I don’t believe there is an actual general hospital anywhere nearby. He took me to the cardiac hospital, then the laparoscopic surgery hospital, then a nursing home, then finally we found a guy who was open, and fairly general as far as I could tell (I didn’t see a sign in his window at all). I walked in, he asked me my problems (headache, cough, fever), took my blood pressure, listened to my lungs, and gave me a prescription for 4 different tablets. The doctor’s visit… $0.75, the medicine… $7.50. I was in his office for 5 minutes, tops!! I’m not sure how satisfied I am with his diagnosis, but it would be difficult no matter, since I never GOT a diagnosis. He gave me Dolo-650 to break the fever, ranitidine to get rid of the heartburn that the Dolo-650 was going to give me, some drug I don’t know because the packet was so small, I couldn’t see a name, and augmentin 650 (amoxycilin). 6 tablets each… PLUS the pharmacist gives you the script back so you can refill all you want (I did today already). I wanna make SURE I feel good. So that was fun. Other than that, everything here has gone to hell as usual.


Blogger The B-Town Boyz said...

Z you sound like you're on everything. Check this out:
Bird Flu Symptoms:
Bird flu can cause a range of symptoms in humans. Some patients report fever, cough, sore throat and muscle aches. Others suffer from eye infections, pneumonia, acute respiratory distress and other severe and life-threatening complications.

11:30 AM, October 24, 2005  

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