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17 October 2005

computers suck

yeah, that's right, they suck. if any of you ar enew to this blog, you missed my rant several months ago when my panasonic died. they were pieces of shite anyways, they were so hot they were actually uncomfortable to put on your lap, they were heavy, had shorts in the casing that would shock you. the only good thing was the touchscreen. i ended up going to the TheGeneral office in dubai to get a new one, IBM thinkpad T41. nice. it has the red nipple mouse thing, that i just love.

so yesterday, i'm installing an adobe update, and upon rebooting, i get the blue screen of death saying inaccessible boot device. WTF!!! it's an adobe patch. i figured it would be safe. couldn't boot in safe mode, no "last known good configuration", nothing. it was ass, and out of nowhere. apparently i had the touch that day. i lent a DVD to one of the TAs and it wouldn't eject. emma let me use her computer to blog and it bluescreened twice (but rebooted luckily). i gave up before i caused more damage. luckily we have an IT god as an electrical TA. adam ran a disk scan on my computer and found that my hard drive was ok, possible my file allocation table got screwed during the update. so he took my computer overnight, located a windows 2k disk and fixed it. i love the guy. i was so happy. yesterday was shite, computer fukked, big problems onsite, i was just not happy. and adam changed that, he is the bomb. so i'm kinda happy right now. i'm blogging on my own computer. but computers still suck. i don't care.


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