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29 December 2005

mommy's blog

my mom has been initiated into the blogiverse. lord help us all. to see this woman in action is a thing to both awe and fear. one time we were at lowe's, and the windows she wanted weren't in yet. i felt sorry for that poor, poor minimum wage soul. i took the cart and wandered away casually. i don't know WHO that woman is. excuse me, where's the caulk?

no, really, she's a lovely lady but she can be outspoken. now that she has to opportunity to be outspoken over the net, i'm taking my cart and wandering away casually. she's just started her blog yesterday, and it takes a while to get a feel for what your blog is going to be, but keep checking up on her, let's see our wittle snookems take her first steps... Insane Rantings, and despite the URL, it is NOT a site about my trans-sexual mother, so get my head outta the gutter, er... i mean, ah hell, go check her out, she'll be in the links too.

go get 'em, mom.


Anonymous mom 2 said...

oh no i can't believe she's bloggin!!!well how do ya like this, i'm gonna start one la la la la fluffy..zac you will be so proud of me and your mom when we get this blogging thing going on...i have no clue how to start one but i figure it can't be that difficult if you know who can do it...gotta go and figure this you mom 2

8:58 PM, December 29, 2005  
Blogger themom said...

just imagine - a momblogginuniverse. scary thought. still need your assistance but i will be able to rant to my hearts content - right?!?!?!?


9:36 PM, December 29, 2005  

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