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31 December 2005

new year's eve dhoom

so tonight is new year's eve. it's going to be SOOOO much fun. yeah, not really. i'm not sure how late we are going to work tonight, i'm pretty sure we'll have to be in regular time tomorrow (9AM), and the hotel bar is staying open especially for us until 2:30AM). tomorrow we are going to be useless. The B-Town Boyz minus myself look to be having a gathering at miami t's as we did last year. oh the fun. brand new poker table was christened with a spilled beer, chumpassfool, walked through a screen door, i got amazingly drunk as per usual. lovely time, and i was, if i recall correctly, the only single guy amongst coupled up B-Town Boyz and Grrlz. no kissy kissy for me. but hey, i don't want herpes simplex 10 anyways, dirty kids nowadays. i'd prefer a heart-shaped box full of angry hornets any day (reference anyone?).

so this year, i'm spending mine at the hotel. they are throwing what they call a new year's Dhoom. i don't know, maybe it's a Y2K6 thing that will destroy all indian IT helpdesks, and the world will crumble. i've been here 11 months. i've basically financed the remodeling of the new bar, and the upgrades they are doing to the current suites. i doubt a single guest in the history of this hotel has given it more money than i have, and they still had the nutz to ask me for a donation for this dhoom (Rs. 10k ~ $250), and i didn't have the nuts to say no. then they wanted to same from the rest of my TAs. they said they spent a lot on this part, 1000's of people coming, and they'd appreciate some help in off-setting the cost. um, not my job, i'm a god-damned guest. come on. i gave them the $250, and THEN i didn't even get a mention on the contributors list. it is funny. they party is for "FAMILIES AND COUPLES ONLY", but we (TheGeneral TAs) are allowed coming single since we've given them so much money, and we only have one girl. that's mighty white of them. i don't wanna go, they are going to have ventriloquists, dance competitions, best dressed girl, boy, tranny, etc. they are having fireworks (see post about diwali, not the safest incendiaries in the world), prizes, we'll probably get called to the stage as the token white people. i just don't wanna go. i wanna get drunk, play video games, eat american food, have champagne and saurkraut at midnight, play poker/euchre, watch the playboy channel. i wanna do normal stuff, not watch some kids perform their hearts out so they can have some extra dal and rice the rest of the week.

so i think we are going to make a 45 minute appearance at the DHOOM, then go to the bar. it was funny... shivram - one of the coordinators - asked us to make a showing, we told him we'd probably just go to the bar... he's like, the bar crowd will be kinda rowdy that night, maybe you don't wanna be there. hahah, i want rowdy, i want something to get rid of the numb this country has imbued me with. rowdy might be fun. definitely better than the obligatory new year's howdy doody ventriloquist show. don't know what i'm going to do, but i'm sure i'll offend at least ONE person. don't worry, i'll take names.

and here, kiddies, is a random hyperbola, TWO for the price of ONE, just for your new year's festivies. so it was written, so let it be done.


Anonymous mom 2 said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! hoping your new year gets better and i'm sure it will...wish you were here with us...don't get disgusted,things have to get better...hoping you and emma have a great new years,mom 2

1:30 PM, December 31, 2005  
Blogger themom said...

HAPPY 2006 BABY!!! (WHERE YOU ARE) twenty five minutes till the ball drops here. I love you and hope to see more of you this year. Emma - same to you!! have a good 2006.

11:40 PM, December 31, 2005  

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