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04 January 2006

the days fly by

i can't believe i'm under 2 weeks from getting my taxes back. that's gonna be so rock on. i might even think about using it for a down payment if i can ever figure out where i wanna stash my recliner and hammock and all the iPOD accessories my dumb-ass is destined to buy. i could use a new truck too, but i'm never home to drive it. then again, i'm never home to live in a house either, i REALLY SHOULD rent a self-storage place to live in when i'm home. 2 next door to each other, one for my truck, one for me. gotta be cheaper than renting, or owning with a mortgage and insurance, blah blah blah. but getting a place is a sure sign of growing up, and i'm damn sure not ready for that. enough thinking, i REALLY have to format my mp3s.


Blogger themom said...

keep working, Save you money and you can still buy your truck and a house - there is no rush. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A MOTHER TALKING?!?!?!?!

you have plenty of time.
luv ya

12:27 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

just think 2 weeks and you'll be semi rich....i'm not sure what i want you to buy me but i'll think of something....MAYBE some bread for my new breadbox...yes...will send you a picture of it as soon as i figure out how to do looks great in my you mom 2

10:36 PM, January 04, 2006  

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