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28 July 2006

emma almost killed my driver

i asked her about it, and she said she didn't give him anything, but he said "madam giving to" which means "emma gave it to me". we'll get to the root of it later, the point is, emma tried to kill my driver. i think she wants me to stay here, despite what she says outwardly, her actions convey a completely different story.

emma left on sunday, on tuesday (maybe wednesday i forget), i had to go to vijayawada to deliver my laptop to the service center dropoff station. on the way back, TheDriver pulls out a box of OFF DEEP WOODS mosquito repellent towelettes that we've had in the office to fend off the thirsty swarm. he said madam had given it to him and he wondered what it was. i told him it was to keep mosquitos away, so they don't bite. he seemed confused at first, then understood, then started laughing.

he went on to tell me that on sunday evening, he had one with his dinner. he poured a glass of water, tore open the packet, and swished the towelette around in the water. he'd seen some of the other TAs on site buy rehydration salts and glucose that came in very similar packets, so he figured that is what it was. he told me he drank it all down, it didn't taste very good at all, and then he was a little tired, so he went to bed. WHA... WHA... WHAT!!!!???

i tell him he has to go to the hospital as soon as we get back to rajahmundry. he refused, said he felt fine, not damage done. i'm reading the box and i've heard some PRETTY NASTY things about DEET. poor guy, he's so down-to-earth, so honest and almost child-like, always smiling and laughing, and emma went and tried to kill him.

luckily, so far he seems to be OK. i hope there aren't any longer term effects of having a DEET nightcap before bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!

I'm really not trying to kill Nagarag, he's my favorite Indian! I don't recall giving him DEET...

He's tough, he'll pull through. He can still drive you to the airport.


10:00 AM, July 28, 2006  
Blogger themom said...

i must change my opinion of emma i guess. she didn't seem like a sociopathic killer. hmmm... guess one never knows. hahahahahaha!!


6:16 AM, July 29, 2006  

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