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04 August 2006

guess what i just bought.

my ticket home, muthafathas (that's the indian censor word for muthafuckas). granted, it is a round-trip, i'm not home for good, but i should be home for a wee tad over a month. lots to do, lots to do. hopefully everyone can keep up with me when i get in. i know on the short, i think i can get a ticket to bristol with the BTBz (to be verified), got hang with the BTBZ, got visit jay and possible J-Rod, TheJWife, and TheJKid if i time it right in cleveland. i gotta see TheNephew's birthday, TheMom, and TheSister. lots of friends, gotta go to F-Bar, when i'm in columbus i gotta use my bally's membership since i've been paying for it for 3 years and not used it, and i gotta see emma, either in the valley or in minneapolis. and that IS a short list. there is so much more i gotta do.

i'd write more but i gotta get a shower and celebrate at the bar. and i'm PRETTY sure this isn't premature., my manager OK'd it, the personnel manager OK'd it, and the replacement guy is scheduled to get here on wednesday. only problem could be weather. i hear most of the flights from vizag were canceled yesterday. hopefully, the weather gets a little bit better next week. later kids.


Blogger themom said...

I've called everyone... russ can get your ticket from guy in Shadyside for Bristol. There is one week of fun with the BTownBoyz. I am so tickled. Cannot wait, I am so impatient. Luv ya!!


1:55 PM, August 04, 2006  
Anonymous mom 2 said...

well we are happy to hear the great news "homeward bound"...can't wait to see you and give you a big hug...just think one whole month of doing everything you want to problem with the ticket to bristol,russ said if he can't get one from his buddy you can always get one don't worry about your ticket...camper and van are ready to go!!!!read bboyz blog...funny coincedence...take care and will be seeing you in pittsburgh in a week...
love ya mom 2

11:04 AM, August 05, 2006  

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