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31 July 2006

F1 is for pussies

hah. i'm a NASCAR fan, but here in india all i can find is a half-hour recap of the SAME race monday through friday. so i've been stuck watching F1, CART, and motoGP racing. i watch these guys and i don't get why they don't just drive in the desert. i mean, the way i see it, you have road, you stay on it. if you can't stay on it, go slower, that's what you do in pretty much any other racing. but for F1 courses (all road courses it seems), at the exit of all the turns, they have rumble strips. everyone probably knows what i'm talking about in one form or another. when i think of them i think of the old atari game, pole position. the red-and-white strips or blue-and-white stripes at the exit of the turn that makes the road a little bit bigger. i just don't get it. why put those there? if the drivers need that to to make the turn, apparently they are going too fast. simple. this isn't bumper bowling, kids. if you need your water wings, stay outta the deep-end... pussies.


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