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31 July 2006

i can't handle it anymore

it's horrible... i was watching the scripps national spelling bee yesterday on ESPN, and i was routing against the indian kids. it is absolutely awful how this place has made me so anti-india. the kid is in america, probably never been to india except to see some family and instill some "history", but he's NOT indian. not like the people here. i feel pretty bad that i was routing against him for such an inane reason, but i've been surrounded by "inane reasons" here for 18 months now. i'm sorry, darshevan, or whatever your name was. you lost while i was looking so i can't chalk it up to "magical thinking". namaste.


Anonymous trinny said...

haha! namaste! I thought "Where have I heard that..oh yeah, yoga class."

Well, the indians lose out in the karmic sense because the little kid didn't win the bee, but they might make up for it because i might be going on a date with a guy of indian (american) descent this week.

As I've found out, there are a-holes everywhere, sometimes there are just bigger concentrations in some places. Unfortunately, you are in the Indian equivalent of south central LA. You will be out soon. Sending you good "magical thoughts".

7:06 PM, July 31, 2006  

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