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13 October 2005

race riot 2005... almost

drunk people are funny. man alive. last night at the bar we had kinda a full house. there was me, emma, adam, paul, ramesh, mike (an oil rig guy from transocean), some other guy emma knows, tom (new day crew TA), kevin (new night crew TA). it was pretty busy. so everyone was getting their drink on, having a good time, then the indians started dancing. i'm not sure if i've posted aobut indian dancing before but it is one of the reasons I don't dance. i know i'd dance like them. i can't speak for the entire country but the guys who dance in our hotel bar have no rhythm. funny as fuck. lots of bouncing, and flailing to the beat in their head. emma's described their dancing as "like monkeys". also, there are very few women in the bar and they NEVER dance (well emma a couple times and a russian who was passing through). so the guys have to dance with each other. i would describe some of their moves as lascivious to say the least. i'm not saying they are gay, but they sure seem to walk the walk on the dance floor. maybe it's the music. almost all of the music here is from movies and the popular songs are often songs about a guy courting a girl some some such thing. so these guys are dancing to the courting music, and they kinda act like they are courting.

nevertheless, this led up to some interesting things last night. we were all drinking, having a good time, talking in our local 3-4 person range due to the loud music and one of the guys was talking about how he didn't like the guys dancing together. gave him the creeps. to each their own, ya know. but then, i think ramesh was trying to explain, and i think the guy was just trying to push buttons. it was funny. he would not hear of any excuse for 2 guys (or a crowd of guys) dancing like they were. this went on for a while. then somehow it came back up the "monkey-dancing" description, another indian i don't konw but emma does came over and was getting a bit loud. he was talking about how americans just shake their tits and ass, and didn't like the monkey reference. all the while, one of the TAs who will remain nameless, was getting a bit worked up though he wasn't actively engaging in the argument. it was great, he just popped, and started into how indians say they respect their women but they don't because they oppress them, etc. he was getting louder and louder and more excitable. it was great, but then some conflict and i think there was a push, so me and one of the other TAs hold back excitable TA, the indians pulled the one guy apart, the bar is looking at us like we're crazy drunk americans. it was hilarious. looking back now, it was funny. last night, i was pissed because i don't like bar fights, especially ones where my crew is involved. i was a bit cranky for a whole, but then stayed behind and drank til like 12:30 to calm the nerves. i didn't even realize i had nerves by the time i made it back to the room. excellent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bud Bundy needed someone to rescue him again, I'm seeing a pattern developing. Gotta love the little sarcastic prick, just glad I wasn't there. If he thinks those guys dancing together was gay what does he think about you kissing them?

9:18 AM, October 19, 2005  

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