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12 October 2005

house hunting and my urban entry

today is a festival day. basically no one onsite but we still have the lovely privilege of having to come to work. jeez. typical indian progress. we have an extra crew onsite right now for a parts changeout, 14 turks, 1 filipino, 2 american TAs, split into night and dayshift. well since the tools for the outage haven't arrived here yet (held up in indian customs for 2 months now), the night shift has yet to work and they've been here 3 days, and dayshift has only worked maybe 8-10 hours a day prepping and now we are stuck without the tools. i feel sorry for the nightsift guys. i mean, getting paid for not working is cool, but having to be stuck in this place with absolutely nothing to do, blah. in that case, working is almost better. tools might be here tomorrow.

everybody is talking about there houses here. the new crew's day TA has a house in the bronx and he's 26, married, kids! emma has a house with a friend in minnesota. they all have pictures and talk about the cool things of home ownership. i wanna i wanna. i just don't know how to go about it. i wanna live in seattle sometime, but i'm thinking i should start in columbus since that's where all my friends seem to have gravitated. i'm gonna need someone to look after while i'm gone. i mean, i've been out of the country 234 days this year. i'd get robbed, looted, and robbed again before i had a chance to get home to notice it. and i REALLY want an old drafty duplex like i lived in in college in cleveland. it was great, 3 floors, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths. creaky wooden floors, a cool breakfast nook, huge drafty loft on the top floor. that was a GREAT house. and it was only HALF the house. this place was BIG. if i could pick that house up and move it to another place, i would. my family has some land on top of "the hill". i suppose i could build up there, but i don't think i wanna live in the valley, per se. i don't know, so tough and i'm so bad at making a decision. ballz. my buddy swedishchefdave is having some house shopping woes at the moment as well in costa rica. he's a TA as well so he is on the road a lot. luckily, he has a lovely wife back home taking care of things as best she can. oh yeah, anyone wanna get married? i need a tax break. we don't need to have sex or anything (lest you wish to partake of the dead sexiness that is... ZAC), but you can help me find a house, help with the upkeep, etc., and since you are helping me to get a tax break, there might even be a stipend in there for ya. interested? apply here.

in other news, i was drunk about a week ago (there's something new), and i came up with a word off the top of my head. can't even think what it was in relation to. but i went to and added the word. early on when emma got here, she said i couldn't offend her. i may have tried a bit with the sentence showing the use of the word. hah, maybe more embarrass than offend, but we'll see. i might be typing my next post with a couple broken fingers looking through one good eye. we'll see. check it out here. wha'dya think? good? **gotta go, emma's coming this way and she doesn't look happy**


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll forgive you if you tell me who Roland is and where I can find him - Emma

7:57 AM, October 12, 2005  
Blogger The B-Town Boyz said...

Z, if you buy a house in Cbus you'll have plenty of people to look after it. In fact, if it's big enough then me & Erin, Juddy & Christi, Chad & Jackie, and Red & Amy will be your roomies. Love the new word. It's like Nick Cage said in "Faceoff": "I could eat a peach for days."

10:31 AM, October 12, 2005  

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